1. You’re the best dad ever, and I’m not kitten about this.
  2. A Pea Father’s Day, Daddy!
  3. Congratulations! You have been koalified to be called the best father.
  4. Father, I am your daughter.
  5. Happy Father’s Day to a reel awesome dad.
  6. Happy Father’s Day, let’s par-tee.
  7. Happy Father’s Day! I am about to finish wrapping your pheasant.
  8. Happy Fathers Day — don’t worry, be hoppy.
  9. How did the pig wake up his dad on Father’s Day? Hogs and kisses.
  10. How do dads like their steak on Father’s Day? On a plate.
  11. I am fishing you a happy Father’s Day!
  12. I am whiskey-ing you a happy Father’s Day.
  13. I hope you have a beer-y happy Father’s Day.
  14. I wish you a fan-stache-tic Father’s Day.
  15. It’s not a dad bod, it’s a father figure. Happy Father’s Day!
  16. Lettuce celebrate Father’s Day tonight.
  17. What did the cheerleader bring her dad for breakfast on Father’s Day? Cheerios.
  18. What did the martians wear to Father’s Day dinner? Space suits.
  19. What did the Panda give his daddy on Father’s Day? A bear hug.
  20. What did the puppies make their dad for Father’s Day breakfast? Pooched eggs.
  21. What did the waiter say to the daddy dog when he served Father’s Day dinner? Bone-appetit!
  22. What do nice pirates do on Father’s Day? Take out the garrrrrrrrrbage without being asked.
  23. What makes more noise than a child jumping on daddy’s bed on Father’s Day morning? Two children jumping on daddy’s bed!
  24. What’s the best thing a new dad can get for Father’s Day? A long nap.
  25. Where did the cow family go on Father’s Day? The moo-vies.
  26. Why couldn’t the digital clock make dinner for Father’s Day? He had no hands.
  27. Why did the bean children give their dad a sweater for Father’s Day? He was chili
  28. Why did the kids give their dad a blanket for Father’s Day? Because they thought he was the coolest dad.
  29. Why do sons love Father’s Day so much? Because it’s always on son day (Sunday)
  30. Why don’t they have Father’s Day sales? Because Fathers are priceless.
  31. Why wasn’t one Father’s Day gift better than the other? It was a tie!
  32. Wood you believe how much I really love you, Dad?
  33. Yoda best dad in the whole world!
  34. You are definitely one of my two favorite pear-ants!
  35. You are totally the best dad of all thyme.
  36. You know how to make things butter.
  37. You did a grape job raisin me, Dad.
  38. You’re like a whiteboard, Dad, because you’re remarkable.
  39. You’re soy awesome, Dad.
  40. Thank you berry much for always being by my side, Dad.
  41. Thank you for always being a soup-er Dad.
  42. Thanks for always bacon me happy.
  43. Thanks for always pudding up with me, Dad.
  44. Thanks for everything, Dad. You’re cereal-ously the best.
  45. Please do remember that I whale always love you, Dad.
  46. I’m very happy to be y-orchid.
  47. I’m so lucky duck you are my dad.
  48. I’m not lion, Dad. You are really the best!
  49. I really love you so matcha!
  50. I donut know what I’d do without your help, Dad.
  51. Hi Dad, thanks for constantly chicken on me. Because of you, I turned out well done.
  52. Everything I brew, I brew it for you, Dad.
  53. Dad, you’re shrimply amazing.
  54. Dad, I lava you so much!
  55. Dad, I have so mushroom for you in my heart.
  56. Being a great dad is such a whisky business, but you did it so well.
  57. I can’t express how much I loaf you, Dad.
  58. Knock Knock Who’s there? Bacon Bacon who? Bacon cake for Father’s Day.
  59. Knock Knock Who’s there? Gladys.Gladys who? Gladys Father’s Day.
  60. Knock Knock Who’s there? Hop Hop who? Hoppy Father’s Day!
  61. Knock Knock Who’s there? Hugh Hugh who? Hugh glad it’s Father’s Day, I am?
  62. Knock Knock Who’s there? June June who? June know any Father’s Day Jokes?
  63. Knock knock Who’s there? Justin! Justin who? Justin time to say Happy Father’s Day!
  64. Knock Knock Who’s there? Norma Norma who? Normally we go out to eat for Father’s Day.
  65. Knock Knock Who’s there? Omelette Omelette who? Omelette Daddy sleep in for Father’s Day.
  66. Knock Knock Who’s there? Pecan Pecan who? Pecan at your Father’s Day gift is a no-no.
  67. Knock Knock Who’s there? Ty Ty who? Ty a bow for Daddy’s gift.
  68. Knock Knock! Who’s there? Noah Noah who? Noah good joke for Dad?
  69. Knock knock?Who is there?Boo Boo Who? Don’t cry, it’s Father’s Day!
  70. Knock, knock Who’s there? Abby Abby who? Abby Father’s Day!
  71. Knock! Knock! Who is there? Teddy! Teddy who? Teddy (today) is Father’s Day!